Product Launch: Signifyd Seamless SCA
Signifyd Seamless SCA™ is a pioneering set of modern secure payment services that meets the requirements of the PSD2 regulation and allows retailers to optimize revenue while providing their customers with friction-free buying experiences that cultivate return shoppers and build customer lifetime value.

Merchants powered by Seamless SCA will be fully prepared for Europe’s coming PSD2 requirements, slated to take effect in September. PSD2, or the second Payment Services Directive is a European Union consumer-protection regulation that requires businesses engaged in online transactions to provide greater security. Signifyd’s solution is fully compatible with the EMVCo 3D Secure 2 protocol. It embraces PSD2 head-on, rather than turning to a pretzel of exemptions in an attempt to avoid adhering to the new consumer-protection requirements.

Signifyd Seamless SCA provides a clearly differentiated solution above and beyond what PSD2 requires. Seamless SCA’s holistic approach provides a unique ability to perform strong customer authorization without step-ups for all transactions, not just exemptions.

“Avoidance strategies, such as optimizing exemptions to bypass the need for SCA, are not a real solution. Delivering a great SCA experience is,” said J. Bennett, Signifyd vice president of operations and corporate development. “While it appears enforcement of strong customer authentification will be delayed, retailers that prepare themselves now will hold a competitive advantage when enforcement begins.”

To learn more about Signifyd Seamless SCA, join us for this product launch webinar.


Paul Rodgers
Chairman at Vendorcom &
Panel Member at Payments Systems Regulator

J. Bennett
VP, Operations and
Corporate Development at Signifyd

Sep 3, 2019 03:00 PM in London

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